About Vinyland

Since 2008, Vinyland treats vinyl records like precious things, and sells them to audiophiles and collectors.


Quality rules over quantity :

hence a limited amout of records in store, compared to other online shops. It's due to the way I take care of records before making it available to be purchased.


Each record is considered a unique piece :

cleaned, photographed and listended to before being put in store. Records visible in pics are exactly the ones you'll receive if you buy them. Each LP and 10 inch EP are showed in HQ images taken by myself.
You are able, at last, to choose a record online without having to cross fingers about the condition it'll be when received at home.


Records images are used only once :

I don't re-use the old images of the same record for a new piece I put in store : I re-shoot the new record, even if the sleeve and vinyl look identical.  If you see the same item twice in store, look and compare the differentes pictures, and you'll see they're not of the same model. For singles (7") the same image is sometimes re-used. In this case, the mention "non original photo" appears on the record's page.


No "out of stock" products :

what's the point of getting onto the page of the second hand record of your dreams that you can't bye because another fellow was quicker than you, uuh ? Therefore, once a record is sold, its page is out of sight. It's the choice I made because I didn't want thousands of useless pages hanging around the website, making it annoying and frustrating for you to visit and choose records that are here and ready to go.